December 17, 2008

Looks Like the Las Vegas Bowl is Over the $500 Limit on "Swag"

Found the list of "swag" that each student-athlete receives from the bowl they are at.  It's located here at SOX & Dawgs.

In that article it mentions the limit on gifts the players can receive is capped at $500.  The stuff that BYU and Arizona players are receiving adds up to more than $500.  Let's take a look.

Wii System bundle package

The Wii console with the Wii Sports bundle runs at a standard rate of $249.99.  Hopefully players aren't playing Bowling all night rather than prepare for the 'Cats.

Oakley Hijinx sunglasses

Hijinx shades from Oakley are runnin at $100 a pop.  When guys like Brody from The Hills (pictured) are wearing these things thats some serious "Swag."  I laugh at the thought of some of BYU's players wearing these things.  Picture David Oswald in these.  Your laughing aren't you?  I am.  These are a total Austin Collie set of shades, to the T.

Oakley Holeshot Three-Hand Watch

Went to Oakley's website and these are currently going for $395 a piece!  That's almost over the $500 "limit" right there.  Sweet lookin watch none the less.

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl Hat

Probably around $10.  Nothing special.  Some guys on this year's team like Dallas Reynolds have four of these now.

So estimating from what the retail price of these gifts are, it comes to around $760 per player.  Not bad, for a bowl game that is supposedly a joke.  Way to go Vegas!

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