December 10, 2008

Tom Holmoe on 1320 Kfan's DJ and PK talking '09 Schedule, BCS, LV Bowl, and fan conduct in the Rivalry

BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe was on 1320's DJ and PK today talking about a few topics; one of which was regarding the 2009 Non-Conference schedule.
PK asked Holmoe if there was any new information on BYU playing Oklahoma next season and it seemed as though Holmoe kind of ducked around that question by answering, "there is a few possible games were looking at."  Holmoe didn't give any specific names but did say that the fourth game should be known within a couple of weeks.

David James asked Holmoe if this type of scheduling was going against Bronco's usual theories of balance with teams like Arizona State and Florida State on the schedule, and a possibility of Oklahoma.  Holmoe said we got a good team with a lot of players coming back so lets take it on!  It was exciting to hear but I still don't see Oklahoma happening.  As excited as it sounds I think its for the best.  Florida State and Arizona State are enough in one season if you ask me.  Personally, I would like to see a 7th home game but that's just my opinion.

Holmoe mentioned that yesterday he was in Vegas along with Bronco addressing the media along with members from the Arizona Wildcats, and Arizona is very excited to be in this bowl game.  BYU has got to be ready from how it looks, because the Cats are stoked.

The tickets for this game were already sold out prior to teams being announced, but now teams gotta sell their ticket allotments.  Each team gets 12,000 tickets and Holmoe said BYU is doing just fine with their tickets.  Arizona is selling many as well.

It was asked who Holmoe would be cheering for in the Sugar Bowl game with Utah and Alabama and Holmoe said he was cheering for the Conference.  He never really came out and said he was cheering for Utah but wants to see the Mountain West do well.  Wants to see this league get an Automatic Bid and feels the league has put together back-to-back solid seasons of football and hopes to see great bowl success as well.

Then finally the rivalry game was brought up and the lack of security there was in the stands and for the team prior to coming out on the field.  Holmoe said that fans gotta cool off in the rivalry and said that there are rivalries across the land that don't have the craziness like this one does.  Said something needs to be done.  Also brought up the MWC Basketball Tournament Championship game last year that saw fights break out in the stands and the lack of security that was there.

Personally, I don't think fan behavior in this rivalry will ever change.  Its gotten to the point where a lot of fans of both schools go to that game with the intent to just throw hay makers are persecute another fan for no reason at all and not even focus on the main importance of the event, the game itself.  I'm intrigued to see what Holmoe does to get the MWC to have more security in place, because he seemed to have some strong views on the topic.

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